Sail with us

Experience sailing history with Hoppet av Brantevik (The Hope of Brantevik)

Enjoy sailing with the gaff cutter Hoppet  av Brantevik  with the white sails streaming in the wind above you.

If you would like to assist and set sails or stand at the helm, it is possible without being an experienced sailor. If you just want to sail and relax and enjoy yourself, that’s OK. Our experienced crew will take care of the ship.

From mid-May to late September Hoppet av Brantevik sails mainly in the southern Baltic. The sailings start from Brantevik. 

Sailing program for 2021 will be ready in Mars.

The sailings have different distances and different stops and can vary from some hours up to one day or more. Hoppet av Brantevik can take up to 17 persons on a shorter sailings.

It is also possible to rent the cutter both for smaller and larger groups and we can meet your special sailing requirements. Sailings overnight can accommodate 10-12 persons on board depending on the requirements of comfort.