About the cutter

The idea of passing on the coastline sailing tradition inspired the locals in Brantevik to build the sailing yacht Hoppet av Brantevik. The main purpose of the project is to unite the old sailing epoch of Brantevik with coming generations, and to give young people the opportunity to sail.

After 4 ½ years of hard work she was finally ready to launch. This event took place on July 29 2000 in the harbour of Brantevik and the sailing yacht was christened Hoppet av Brantevik. Almost one year later, on midsummer’s day 2001, the mast was raised.

Exactly one year after that, on midsummer’s day 2002, it was time for Hoppet av Brantevik’s maiden voyage. Approximately 40.000 hours of work has been put in to build the ship.

Hoppet av Brantevik is built according to blueprints from the Danish gaff cutter Castor, which was built in 1867. She represented one of the most common sailing ships for transports along the coastline during the middle of the 1800’s.

Length16 m
– total22 m
Breadth4,6 m
Draught2,2 m
Displacement42 tons
RigGaff cutter
Sail area150 m2
Mast height18 m
Engine250 HP (185 kW)
Number of bunks14